My WakaWaka is not charging my devices (completely), what can I do?

We advise you to frequently use your WakaWaka to keep the battery active.

Sometimes, when the WakaWaka has been stored for an extended period or when it has not been used for a while, the battery can become drained. No worries! This isn’t harmful and can be resolved easily by charging it with a micro-USB through the AC grid. This gives it an energy boost that normally does the trick!

You can check if your WakaWaka is charged enough by pressing the on/off button once.


On the Power+, the battery status indicator lights on top will light up and indicate how full is the battery:

  • 4 green LEDs = 75-100%,
  • 3 green LEDs = 50-75%,
  • 2 green LEDs = 25-50%,
  • 1 green LED = <25%.

If the battery status shows only one light, it could be that your Power+ doesn’t have enough power to charge your phone.


On the Power 5 & 10, the green indicator lights around the button will light up:


If your WakaWaka does not fully charge your device, please check its battery capacity (mAh).

The battery of the WakaWaka Power+ has a capacity of 3000 mAh, the WakaWaka Power5 5000 mAh and the WakaWaka Power10 10000 mAh.

If your device has a capacity beyond the WakaWaka’s capacity, your WakaWaka can charge it but not fully at once.

Keep in mind that it requires more energy from the WakaWaka to charge your device from 0-20 % and from 80-100%.


Please check also if you’ve used a functioning cable. You can try to use another USB cable and/or device and see what happens.


If you think your WakaWaka is defect, please send us an email at mentioning the name of the product, the (approximate) date of purchase, the type of defect and the country where you live.