Solar for Philippines

The devastation left by Haiyan is a humanitarian catastrophe. Millions in the Philippines are left without electricity and it will take months, up to a year or more to restore that. WakaWaka is getting over 20 000 solar powered lamps and chargers on the ground as soon as possible.

Access to light and power is critical for survivors as well as emergency response teams who need light sources to begin dealing with the crisis. WakaWaka’s solar powered devices provide immediate assistance as well as long-term relief and enables survivors to see after dark and to charge their phones to connect with family members and loved ones elsewhere.

First WakaWakas on the ground

Earlier this week the first 1000 WakaWakas reached The Philippines. They arrived with an aid flight of the Dutch military at Cebu and will be distributed to Filipino families from there. 

These 1000 solar lights and chargers are part of campaign by the joint Dutch relief organizations, which raised over €25 million for survivors of Haiyan.  

The first 1000 WakaWakas at Cebu airport. 


Dutch military personnel offloading the WakaWaka shipment.