Women & Girls in Nigeria

In Ni­ger­ia 1. 4 mil­lion people are flee­ing be­cause of the at­tacks of mil­it­ant groups in north­east­ern Ni­ger­ia. The scale of this crisis briefly cap­tured the world’s at­ten­tion after the mil­it­ant group Boko Haram kid­napped 200 girls from a school in Ni­ger­ia. In Ni­ger­ia the In­ter­na­tion­al Res­cue Com­mit­tee is provid­ing emer­gency sup­port to thou­sands of dis­placed Ni­geri­ans who have fled the vi­ol­ent in­sur­gency. WakaWaka lights are used in these pro­jects to help wo­men and girls in tem­por­ary shel­ters to move safely after the sun goes down.