Light in the Slums

The orphan­age ‘Good Samar­it­an’ in the Math­are Slums of Nairobi, Kenya was burned down be­cause a ker­osene lamp ac­ci­dent­ally spilled over a mat­tress. Luck­ily there were no vic­tims. After re­build­ing, the chil­dren re­ceived WakaWa­kas in Feb­ru­ary 2015 which they could use at night for safe light. With the WakaWaka Light they can study, pre­pare food, milk the cows and stay up way too late at night to play! The staff in the orphan­age uses the WakaWa­kas to ad­min­is­ter the cor­rect amount of medi­cines to HIV in­fec­ted chil­dren. In ad­di­tion, a group of eld­erly people re­ceived WakaWa­kas in or­der to be able to see at night when walk­ing to the toi­let. In this way, the WakaWa­kas pre­vent a lot of ac­ci­dents.