Burundese refugees

Many Bur­undese are flee­ing their coun­try be­cause of the polit­ic­al un­rest in the coun­try. The cir­cum­stances in these refugee camps in the Demo­crat­ic Re­pub­lic of Congo are very poor. People live in mud huts and of­ten don’t have any light sources apart from ker­osene which if pro­hib­it­ively ex­pens­ive for many, The WakaWa­kas are very pop­u­lar; many fam­il­ies wanted more than one so the par­ents could cook a meal while chil­dren where do­ing their home­work at the same time. They also use the WakaWaka to earn a bit of cash by of­fer­ing it as char­ger for mo­bile phones.