Open education

OPEN edu­ca­tion provided 30 dif­fer­ent schools in Burk­ina Faso with WakaWa­kas to fa­cil­it­ate an after school study pro­gram. Around 670 stu­dents were in­volved in the study pro­gram, and the ef­fect of the WakaWa­kas was dra­mat­ic. Data col­lec­ted from both a treat­ment and con­trol group shows that the chil­dren who had ac­cess to a WakaWaka after school had av­er­age grades of 7.9/10 while chil­dren who did not have ac­cess to a WakaWaka re­ceived a 5.5 on av­er­age. Ad­di­tion­ally, all chil­dren who had ac­cess to WakaWa­kas passed their fi­nal test.

“In 2013 Ber­trand OUEDRAOGO was a primary school teach­er in Saponé loc­ated at about 40km from the cap­it­al city Ou­agadougou. After re­ceiv­ing the Wakawaka lamp, Ber­trand put in place a study pro­gram with his stu­dents for after school study us­ing the lamp. He him­self has been try­ing to get the A Level for about 6 years and was un­suc­cess­ful. However, with the lamp he could get more study time at night and pre­pare his A Level while im­prov­ing the qual­ity of the course provided for the stu­dent. As a res­ult, not only did Ber­trand suc­ceed to his A Level but all the stu­dents of his class passed suc­cess­fully their ex­am (100% suc­cess). The year 2013 Ber­trand was awar­ded the price of the best teach­er of Sapné re­gion”