Los Tambos

The Vil­lage of Los Tam­bos is loc­ated on a plat­eau over the jungle can­opy. It is very easy to be­come lost with the curving roads and lack of road signs. A Grid Earth Pro­ject team mem­ber il­lus­trates the use and care of the sol­ar light. Sus­tain­ab­il­ity is also dis­cussed. Ker­osene can cost up to 40% of a fam­il­ies in­come. These sav­ings can be used to per­man­ently break the cycle of poverty. The in­struc­tions and in­form­a­tion are also trans­lated in­to Span­ish to in­sure that there is no lan­guage bar­ri­er. The Chair­man, Se­basti­an Beilalta, be­gins to read the names of each fam­ily so that they can come for­ward and re­ceive their sol­ar light.A rep­res­ent­at­ive from each fam­ily comes for­ward to re­ceive their light. This is a joy­ful day in Los Tam­bos. The par­ents of Los Tam­bos have prayed for a bet­ter life for their chil­dren. The sol­ar lights provided by the Grid Earth Pro­ject will save lives, im­prove health, pro­mote edu­ca­tion, and in­crease eco­nom­ic op­por­tun­it­ies.

Moth­ers will no longer burn ker­osene lamps or candles at their baby’s bed­side while they sleep. The sol­ar lights provided by the Grid Earth Pro­ject can be set on the low set­ting and al­low the moth­ers to safely watch over their babes each night without danger of burns, fumes, and fires.