Hurricane Matthew Relief

Hur­ricane Mat­thew has left a trail of de­struc­tion in Haiti, a coun­try still re­cov­er­ing from the 2010 earth­quake and re­cent hur­ricanes. Large parts of the coun­try have been plunged in­to dark­ness with no ac­cess to elec­tri­city or phone lines. Safe ac­cess to light and power is now even more im­port­ant than ever since it helps sur­viv­ors find­ing their loved ones and emer­gency re­sponse teams in their lifesav­ing work.

In 2013 the WakaWaka com­munity donated over 12,000 WakaWaka Lights to more than a dozen emer­gency re­lief or­gan­iz­a­tions in Haiti, to aid those who were still liv­ing in shel­ters without elec­tri­city. Some 60,000 Haitians now have safe, sus­tain­able sol­ar at night thanks to thou­sands of crowd­fun­ders from Kick­starter and One­Plan­etCrowd.

Our help is needed again. Light and con­nectiv­ity are of the ut­most im­port­ance in emer­gency situ­ations. WakaWaka dis­trib­uted the first 350 WakaWaka Lights with­in 48 hours after Mat­thew made land­fall in Haiti. With your con­tin­ued help we can do more.