Hoofddorp Uganda Groep

Con­tact has been es­tab­lished between the Ugandese Moth­ers Uni­on, a wo­men’s or­gan­iz­a­tion of the Ugandan Or­tho­dox Church, and the Prot­est­ant com­munity of Hoof­d­dorp. In May 2015, five wo­men of the Ugandese Moth­ers Uni­on vis­ited Hoof­d­dorp. The wo­men took 20 WakaWa­kas back home with them, to light their homes without elec­tri­city. The Hoof­d­dorp Uganda Groep (HUG) vis­ited Uganda and took 25 WakaWaka Powers with them to dis­trib­ute on be­half of the church com­munity.