Habitat for Humanity

380 low in­come and poverty im­pacted fam­il­ies of 3 vil­lages in Bangladesh were be­ne­fit­ted by us­ing the WakaWaka Lights. Last year, em­ploy­ees of the Dutch com­pany Van der Heide gave its em­ploy­ees a WakaWaka as a Christ­mas present. But not only the em­ploy­ees got a sol­ar powered light, fam­il­ies in Bangladesh also got ‘safe light’ thanks to this cam­paign. Hab­it­at of Hu­man­ity dis­trib­uted 380 WakaWaka Lights in three vil­lages in Badeka­pla, one of the most vul­ner­able areas of Bangladesh. The fam­il­ies could qual­i­fy for re­ceiv­ing a WakaWaka by par­ti­cip­at­ing in a big clean-up ac­tion in their vil­lages and sur­round­ing areas. In ad­di­tion to the clean­ing they re­ceived a train­ing in san­it­ary habits and they learned how to use the WakaWaka sol­ar light.

Hab­it­at for Hu­man­ity the Neth­er­lands col­lab­or­ated with Sun­gev­ity and WakaWaka on their mis­sion to provide as many Hab­it­at fam­il­ies as pos­sible with light and elec­tri­city. A house with safe light and elec­tri­city im­proves health, en­ables chil­dren to study by night and helps fam­il­ies to be­come self-re­li­ant. In 2014, 450 fam­il­ies in Haiti re­ceived a WakaWak Light and with the help of the Christ­mas cam­paign 380 Lights have been sent to Bangladesh. Fur­ther­more, 1000 sol­ar lights have been sent to Malawi this year and the first ship­ment to Zam­bia is be­ing pre­pared. This gives chil­dren who lived in dark and hu­mid houses the op­por­tun­ity to build a bet­ter life.