Fight against Ebola

In Si­erra Le­one, people are dy­ing in their homes and in the streets be­cause of Ebola, while hos­pit­als either re­fuse to take pa­tients or have shut down as the nurses and doc­tors have died. The health ser­vice has com­pletely broken down and people are largely left to man­age on their own with little know­ledge and few means. In part­ner­ship with the Deutsche Gesell­schaft für In­ter­na­tionale Zusammen­arbeit (GIZ) and the Play­house Found­a­tion, WakaWa­kas have been dis­trib­uted to loc­al com­munity based or­gan­iz­a­tions. Tar­get groups in­clude cam­paign teams, Ebola pre­ven­tion teams, buri­al teams and health clin­ics. The WakaWa­kas help to treat Ebola vic­tims after sun­set and al­low cit­izens to bet­ter pro­tect them­selves from get­ting in­fec­ted.
After the Ebola crisis has been con­tained, the WakaWa­kas will still be use­ful. It con­trib­utes to so­cio-eco­nom­ic de­vel­op­ment and is a clean, safe and sus­tain­able al­tern­at­ive for the tox­ic ker­osene lights.