What product suits best according to my needs?

If you’re going out overnight or want to light up your outdoor adventures, go for the WakaWaka Light. It takes only 5 to 8 hours of sun to fully charge and it will light you up for 40 hours.

Want to stay connected during your outdoor trip as well as lighting up your nights? The WakaWaka Power+ is very convenient, you can take it anywhere as it is compact and lightweight. You can easily hang it from your bag pack for example. It also withstands any adventure thanks to its rugged, scratchproof design.

Positioned under full sun, it will take approximately 18 hours to fully charge and will enable you to charge appr. the equivalent of 1,5 phones. This product is optimal when you have access to the grid now and then (3 hours to fully charge via the grid) and you use the sun as a top-up when needed.

When barely having access to the grid but wanting to stay connected, go for our WakaWaka Solar Panel + Power 5  or WakaWaka Solar Panel + Power 10. You can charge up to 5 devices at the same time, so none of them will end up as deadweights in your backpack. You’ll get your Power5 fully charged in 4 to 8 hours under the sun, and your Power10 in 6 to 12h. On the move? Simply fold the panel to a compact, convenient size.