A Look Back at Our Highlights in 2016

Dear Agents of Light,

As we prepare to usher in 2017, here is a look back at some highlights of the many things we were able to accomplish with the help of our amazing community (that’s you!) this past year:

1. We supported the Maya Solar Power in Nepal.

We were very happy to support the Maya Solar Power Project with WakaWaka Lights to provide the schoolchildren from the Maya Universe Academy with safe and sustainable light so they can do their homework at night.

2. We Are SO Fresh.

We were thrilled to announce that our world-class suite of premium solar flashlights and smartphone chargers won a Fresh: A First Look at New Technology Award at DISTREE EMEA in Monte Carlo, Monaco. The Fresh Awards recognize the most innovative technology new to the market. To mark the occasion, we joined forces with our global Agents of Light community to launch a #SharetheSun campaign to support Lebanese families caught in crisis and living without access to electricity.

3. We released our very first impact report.

Since the founding of WakaWaka in 2012, our products have traveled the world in order to light up the lives of more than a million people living in the dark. We would like to offer you an insight into the impact made by our highly efficient solar technology. This 2015 summary impact report highlights our work in providing people with access to safe, sustainable energy in rural and off-grid (crisis) areas around the world. It was our privilege to present you with a summary of our first WakaWaka Impact Report.

4. We mobilized quickly for Haiti.

In October 2016 Hurricane Matthew left a trail of destruction in Haiti, a country still recovering from the 2010 earthquake and recent hurricanes. Large parts of the coun­try plunged in­to dark­ness with no access to electricity or phone lines. Within days our Agents of Light mobilized to raise over …. solar flashlights and chargers that were dispatched to help Haitian families as they work to rebuild their lives and country.

5. We were named on the Best for the World list 2016

We found ourselves on the Best for the World list 2016. This list recognizes the leadership in good business from B Corps all over the world. WakaWaka has been listed in the top ten of the world for customer impact!

6. We got inspired.

We’re looking back at a great evening and are honored to have been part of the Inspiration360 event, on October 4th. We stood eye to eye with Bear Grylls and showed one of the greatest entrepreneurs of all time, Richard Branson, our little light. Our very own #WakaWakaReporters used their excellent communication skills via social media to keep everyone informed about the talks that evening.

7. Celebrating return on Impact

We met — and surpassed — the goal of our uber-successful crowdfunding campaign, Celebrating return on Impact. This campaign gave our investors the chance to become a shareholder in WakaWaka’s success. In total 890 funders have invested in our crowdfunding campaign and we have reached the fantastic amount of €1.140.690! Thanks to all our shareholders we can keep working on our ambition to plug everyone into the sun for safe light and power.

Here’s to another year of clean, safe, sustainable light and to a year of even greater impact.  

Thank you, wonderful Agents of Light.

Shine Bright,   

The WakaWaka Team