The impact of one little light

Meet Emmanuel

For Emmanuel, a Rwandan veterinarian, having access to light is crucial for his work, which sees him traveling far and wide to consult sick farm animals at odd hours of the day and night. The problem is, in Rwanda, it gets dark around 6 o’clock year-long and the majority of these rural areas don’t have electricity.


Imagine that the health of a living creature depends on you. You’re surrounded by utter darkness, labouring into the night on an operation that takes undivided focus and a steady hand. You grind for hours, all under the dim glow of a… cell phone.


That was how Emmanuel operated on those countless days that turned into nights in the blink of an eye. But then, he purchased a WakaWaka both for personal and professional use. Now, the WakaWaka light enables him to care for his patients properly. “I will be able to do my work better because this type of light is very strong,” he said.


For Emmanuel, the WakaWaka has completely changed his pace. With the Waka’s reliable beam of intensified light, he makes fewer mistakes in diagnosis, preparation, and surgery. It supports his availability as well, portably charging his phone anywhere he is. And all of this from one little solar powered light!


Meet Faustin

Faustin, an entrepreneur, first heard about the WakaWaka light from neighbors in his village in Rukoma. Here, electricity is scarce and a dependable source of light is invaluable. Faustin knew this miracle light charged by the sun could bolster the efficiency of his shop and farm. Better yet, he wouldn’t have to rely on hazardous mechanisms to illuminate his shop at night, putting health and safety at risk.

But, could he afford to purchase one for him and his wife? The payment plan that WakaWaka introduced in Rwanda made it possible for Faustin to invest in the solar powered light. He paid a deposit when he bought the WakaWaka and continued to pay a weekly amount until the balance was fulfilled.


Since Faustin purchased his WakaWaka light he has noticed an increase in business. The warm, brilliant light beckons customers to his shop. And, he’s found a new venture- phone charging. For a small price, customers can hook their cell phones to the WakaWaka for some extra juice. The money from the phone charging is enough to pay the weekly balance deposits and enables Faustin to invest more in his business.


Meet Valence

Valence owns a boutique in Gacurabwenge and has been selling WakaWaka devices since August. In his community, electricity is nonexistent, hindering school and work for many. When Valence first acquired a WakaWaka light himself, the benefits not only improved his home and work life but turned him into an advocate for solar energy. That’s why Valence sells WakaWakas in his boutique shop, to help raise awareness in his community about using clean solar power instead of dangerous kerosene lamps.