World Statistics Day

We want to take this opportunity to showcase our achievements centered around our mission; safe sustainable solar for all and thereby improving the lives of many people living without safe and reliable access to electricity.

Since the founding of WakaWaka in 2012, we have supported 275 projects. Together with our partners such as foundations, NGO’s but also private initiatives or corporate partnerships, we have reached people living in rural areas in 54 countries.

With the help of 274.087 WakaWakas we’ve lightened up the lives of 1.196.390 people living in off-grid areas. This is based on a household size of 5 as set as the default value by the Global Off-Grid Lighting Association (GOGLA).

Imagine you are coming home and you do not have a light switch to turn on the light. People living in these conditions used to rely on often dangerous and intoxicating kerosene lamps or used unsustainably and expensive battery flashlights to light their lives after dark. Using their WakaWaka is better for their health by lessening the fumes from kerosene or candles, which in total is balancing 97.672 tons of greenhouse gas. Hence, 370 kg CO2e greenhouse gasses are emitted annually by the use of a traditional lighting source (GOGLA).

WakaWaka’s beneficiaries have replaced traditional lighting sources with sustainable energy to work and study for 4 hours per day which results in 300.125.265 hours of sustainable light per year for all our Agents of Light in off-grid areas!