At WakaWaka, we receive a lot of beautiful pictures from Agents of Light worldwide. This picture of two Agents of Light living in central Ecuador for example. We are wondering what they’re talking about and thought you might be able to help us out.


What’s the story?

Visit us on Instagram or Facebook to caption this photo. Don’t forget to use #WakaWakaStories in your comment. We’ll select one lucky commenter and we will hook you up with a WakaWaka Power+. We’ll also include a waterproof pouch while we’re at it.

The winner will be selected on September 27 via a personal message.



And the winner is….

We want to send a big thank you to everyone who participated in the #WakaWakaStories contest! We received some very original stories. 


He: Our ancestors predicted miracles. This is one of them, held it like this; catch the sun en you’ll have light and power. She: If it respects the earth I’ll take it. – Helène Kouwenhoven

You mean all that power fits in that little thing? You mean me, or the WakaWaka? – Shaun Armstrong

 “I think it can even do dishes! Just let it power up for a while” #WakaWakaStories – Michiel de Brieder

1st person, “This little box is a WakaWaka”. 2nd person “A Whuda Whuda?” – Robert Schlecht 

Catch a falling sun ray, put it in your pocket, save it for a rainy day. – Celia Poehls


And the winner is….

#WakaWakaStories: “Take this on your journey my friend, and may the Yellow Force be with you” – Christel Hezemans. Congratulations Christel, we sent you a private message via Facebook.