Cheers to a BRIGHT future!

We are humbled to tell you that our solar-powered products reached Uganda to be part of the ‘Burn Prevention Program’ from Stichting Interplast Holland. 

Uganda has a population of 39 million people of which only 18% percent has access to Electricity. This means almost 32 million people can only rely on alternative sources of energy (WorldBank).

According to Energypedia “A total of 93% of rural households without access to electricity are currently using traditional lighting technologies such as candles or kerosene lamps that give poor quality lighting, emit noxious fumes and present hazards in terms of fires or burns, in particular for small children”.

It is no secret that our solar-powered products offer safe, sustainable and practical solutions to prevent children and their families from the dangers and hazards of traditional lighting technologies.

As part of the ‘Burn Prevention Program’, 347 WakaWakas now provide Ugandan schoolchildren in Karamoja, a safe and healthy alternative to the candles and kerosene lamps previously used for lighting.


“They were very happy with them (the WakaWaka Lights) and promised their study results would improve because they would be able to read and study better in the evenings” — Rein J. Zeeman, chairman Stichting Interplast Holland.