On International Women’s Day, as we celebrate women’s strength, resilience and ingenuity, and social, economic, cultural and political achievements, we would like to share how WakaWakas can make a big difference in the lives of women and their communities.

From Jordan to Mali to Guinea-Bissau to Indonesia, we have seen women entrepreneurs – vendors, artisans, healthcare providers and farmers – leverage solar energy as a source of empowerment. Tapping into the abundant power of the sun has increased both entrepreneurship and economic productivity. Women boost household income, providing their families with healthier food, better health care, greater access to education and more savings to get them through less prosperous times. Around the world, women are not just the cornerstones for their families and communities, they have also become pillars for business, transforming the way business is done.

Living in Azraq, Jordan, Syrian refugee Bushra was given a WakaWaka Power+, a solar flashlight and mobile phone charger. She charged it in the sun by day and used it to light her home at night. “I can see light again,” she beamed as she told us about it. But Bushra took her newly found access to solar power further. She set up a micro-enterprise, charging a small fee for others to charge their mobile phones on her WakaWaka. “I feel lighter,” she said, and “I am also able to gain a little income. I charge a minimal fee for others to recharge their mobiles, so that we can all talk to our family in Syria.”

In the years since we at WakaWaka began our Share the Sun model (for every WakaWaka purchased, we donate a light to communities caught in crisis and living without access to electricity), we have seen solar energy become a formidable source of empowerment for women entrepreneurs and, in turn, their families and communities. In places like Azraq, where three out of every ten households are headed by women and 56% of all residents are children, the ability to access and tap into to the abundant energy of the sun is not just life-enhancing; it is life-saving.


In honor of International Women’s Day please use the code WOMEN15 through March 16th for 15% off when purchasing any of our premium solar flashlights and chargers. Buy a WakaWaka and #SharetheSun. 

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