“In the insanity of CES, we brought light to refugees”

For every image shared with eyes closed and tagged #SharetheSun, WakaWaka is donating one solar flashlight to the International Rescue Committee to support families caught in crisis and living without access to electricity. 

Following WakaWaka CEO Jehmu Greene’s inspiring presentation at strategic marketing agency memBrain’s annual CES brunch, Copperfield expressed his admiration and thanked Jehmu and WakaWaka founder, Camille van Gestel, for the company’s work and impact. 

The campaign continued to gain momentum as the week progressed. Reaching over half a million people through social media, new Agents of Light joined us and our global community of activists in driving awareness and support for refugee families by sharing a photo to share the sun with those living without access to electricity.  

Hundreds of innovators, retailers and distributors stopped by WakaWaka’s CES booth to experience our powerful personal solar products and to learn more. We met an incredibly diverse group of people from all over the world and our global team members engaged CES attendees one on one, in multiple languages, including Spanish, Dutch, English and Farsi!  

Some were repeat visitors from last year’s CES (and even a few from the New York City WakaWaka Base launch!). All were eager to learn about our continuing innovations and impact. WakaWaka continues to be the most efficient solar-powered phone charger and flashlight on the market, and we were more than thrilled to hear numerous compliments about our products’ extraordinary efficiency from engineers and tech enthusiasts who visited our booth.  

We also continued to explore partnerships with brands that are on the forefront of sustainability, world-changing innovation and social impact. 

The best part? Seeing people’s reactions to our #SharetheSun campaign and how they lit up as we spoke about our mission and what we do. Watching as they closed their eyes and imagined what it would be like to live in the dark. And feeling grateful as CES attendees took the time to take photos with their eyes closed, in order to connect and to share the sun with those who don’t have the luxury of a light switch.