WakaWaka Statement on Recent Terrorist Attacks

We at WakaWaka wish to extend our deepest condolences to the people of Paris and Beirut, reeling from the horrific acts of violence late last week. We offer our sympathy to the families who lost loved ones and the injured still fighting for their lives. And we are eager to see that those responsible for these vile and horrendous crimes are brought to justice.

As a social enterprise that helps to bring solar light and power to communities caught in crisis, our work has brought us in close and frequent contact with refugees and displaced persons from Nepal and Syria to Haiti and Iraq. In recent days, we have grown concerned at the increasing hostility directed toward the refugees who are themselves fleeing death and destruction at the hands of these same terrorists. Refugees have fled their homes, escaping bombs, torture and executions. They deserve our empathy and humanity. 

We have always been immensely proud of our Agents of Light community and all that you do to share the sun with the billions around the world living without access to light and power. As we continue to seek out ways to stand in support of refugees, we urge you to get involved in any way you can, big and small, to help ease the lives of families caught in crisis. 

Let’s light the path for the millions who are adrift, without a country or a home. Share your thoughts and efforts with us on social media. Tell us what you’re doing and what you want to do. And also tell us what you want WakaWaka to be doing to support your efforts. We are listening. 

Shine bright, 

The WakaWaka Family