Schoolresultaten verbeterd door WakaWakas

Schoolresults of several schools in Burkina Faso have shown that WakaWakas can help improve students’ grades! OPEN Education distributed WakaWakas to over 30 schools in Burkina Faso. To measure the impact of the WakaWakas, OPEN asked all the schools to make two groups of students, a control group that did not have any access to WakaWakas and a study group, in which the students did have access to WakaWaka lamps in after school study programs. A total of around 1370 students were involved in this program. The exam results were collected by the teachers and led to the following findings:

Control groups’ average grades: 5.5/10

Study groups’ average grades: 7.89/10

These findings show that the students with more quality study time after school, due to access to and use of the WakaWaka lamps, performed better in school!

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