40 kilometer during the Night of the Refugee

The Syrian refugee camps often lack basic facilities like food, shelter, medical care and electricity. When darkness falls all activities stop. With one WakaWaka a whole family has enough light to cook, to read, do homework and to safely walk outside in the night. Besides, one WakaWaka also provides the refugees the opportunity to remain in contact with the outer world and their loved ones.  

At 00:00 o’clock the WakaWaka team and 1200 other walkers started their 40 kilometer Night of the Refugee. The start signal was given by Ahmed Aboutaleb at the Erasmusbrug in Rotterdam. The WakaWaka team members were clearly recognizable by the yellow caps and the bright shining WakaWaka’s at their backpacks and around their neck it did not take long before they were ask to charge a mobile phone or mp-3 player. The entire 40 kilometer the WakaWaka team was busy providing other walkers with power.

After more than eight hours of walking the first WakaWaka team members arrived at the Humanity House in the Hague. Around 9:30 AM the entire WakaWaka team, consisting of community members, employees and Syrian refugees, had crossed the finish line. It was a special experience, something we should not forget. Luckily we still have the photos!