250 Childrens Drawings Enlight

250 Dutch children have sent drawings to Syrian refugees children in Jordan. A class of eight, nine-year-olds of the Waldorf School in The Hague not only took part in making drawings, but also actively collected money to bring solar lamps to the Syrian refugees. Last week the Dutch children received a package of drawings in return. The reply was made by Syrian refugee children who currently live in tents along the Jordanian border with Syria. The drawings are colorful and full of symbols of hope. One of Dutch children also noticed: ‘Their drawings are different in some kind of way. I miss a horizon, a ground…’ Most of the children lack a future and haven’t been able to go to school the past three years. The gift of light enables the children to read and draw in the evenings. Watch the Dutch news for the youth to find out more about this project: http://t.co/CqRcX0N5l3

Do you, your class or school wants to join this project to make drawings and collect money for solar lamps? Read more here.

Esseline van de Sande