Solar for Philippines Success Stories

This was WakaWaka’s first possibility to react to a major natural disaster and the WakaWaka community showed what they could achieve. The community rose up and provided emergency aid workers and Typhoon Haiyan survivors with WakaWaka Powers, answering the need for light and power. WakaWaka’s solar powered devices provided immediate assistance as well as long-term relief. Enabling the survivors to see after dark and to charge their phones to connect with family members elsewhere. In addition, emergency response teams also need a source of light and power to gear up for their relief efforts.

“WakaWakas are among the most valued aid tools we will distribute in the Philippines” 
Bob Kitchen – Director Emergency Preparedness and Response (IRC)

On behalf of the WakaWaka team as well as the recipients of the WakaWaka products, we want to say a very sincere Thank You to our community.

Esmee Denters wrote and sang a song to support Solar for Philippines: