WakaWakas on their way to the Phillippines

Last week, WakaWaka introduced a Buy 1 Give 1 campain for the victims of the typhoon in the Philippines. Access to light and power to charge phones to communicate with loved ones are part of the essential needs these people have. This week, a second airplane of the Dutch defence force fully packed with relief supplies was send to the Philippines. And guess what; WakaWakas were included as well! We are glad to be able to give the people in the Philippines a little relief by providing them with WakaWakas. This great news was announced by SHO, the network of Dutch relief organizations (Samenwerkende Hulp Organisaties).

On Monday November 18th, they campaigned on Dutch national media to raise money for the Philippines. A total of 18,5 million Euros was raised. The founders of WakaWaka were present as well and were interviewed by several journalists and tv reporters. The Dutch government acknowledged that apart from  clean drinking water, food, medical care, and tents, access to light and power is also of vital importance at an early stage of the relief efforts. We are very glad the Dutch government decided to invest in WakaWakas to provide light and power to the people in the Philippines!

The WakaWakas will have an immediate impact. Finding loved ones, and getting information out on the unfolding devastation is critical. And light in the evening has an impact we can hardly imagine if one has never lived in  complete darkness. Light empowers hurricane victims and allows emergency response teams to do their job after sunset. Each donated unit will be sent by us to the International Rescue Committee (IRC). The IRC is on the ground in the Philippines mobilizing a humanitarian response. They are on the ground and take care of distribution to those who need it most.


More help is still needed! If you would like to help and take part in our Solar for the Philippines campaign, please check the WakaWaka website!

Read the news article on Dutch national media about WakaWaka for the Philippines here!