Global Shapers ed energia solare per la Siria

These various hubs are helping to raise awareness for our ‘Get one, Give one’ campaign. They are tapping into their networks and are engaging global, national and local role models and leaders, to jointly draw attention to the Syrian refugee crisis and our campaign. 

Using the power of online media, the Global Shapers who are joining this effort are truly helping to get more WakaWaka solar devices to reach Syrian families in one of the many refugee camps. 

The initiative is joined by hubs in every continent. Paulette van Ommen, the curator of the Amsterdam hub leading the effort:‘We believe we have to just make time to help raise awareness for this necessary campaign. We hope to provide a simple perspective for action to all people, including those who no longer follow the news about Syria. Many people  don’t realize that the UN has stated that this displacement of millions of refugees is the worst crisis since Rwanda.’

Maurits Groen, WakaWaka founder: ‘The solar device engages people with an impactful and concrete action: for each one sold, one is donated to the refugee camps. For this, we partner with the International Rescue Committee. We are very thankful for the warm support of the various Global Shaper city hubs!’

The global shapers community is a network of hubs developed and led by young people who are exceptional in their potential, their achievements and their drive to make a contribution to their communities.  For more information on the Global Shapers, please visit