Partner Proposals!

Download the partnership proposals folder here!

When you contribute to the WakaWaka Foundation you become a member of the WakaWaka community! Read about how you can join a global group of individuals and organizations who have committed to the WakaWaka Foundation’s mission!

The first option is to become a member of the WakaWaka community. You can raise money by organizing a fundraising activity. Organize a concert, sports activity or clean up your house and sell your old stuff at a second hand market! On our online fundraising platform you can sign up your fundraising activity. We would be very happy to hear about all your creative ideas.

Another way to contribute to the WakaWaka Foundation is through our Buy one, Give one opportunity. Buy a WakaWaka product for yourself or a friend, and donate a WakaWaka Light or Power directly to a family living under the poverty line in the developing world. In this way you directly contribute to giving access to safe, healthy and sustainable lighting to poor families who do not have electricity. Companies can also order WakaWaka’s with the logo of their company. This is a perfect Christmas gift!

Apart from individual fundraising, organization can also contribute to the WakaWaka Foundation. Your organization can become for example one of the Founding Partners of the WakaWaka Foundation. Being a WakaWaka Foundation Founding Partner your organization is deeply connected to the WakaWaka Foundation and you contribute to the ensuring of our continuation. Founding Partners make an annual donation of € 25,000,- or more during three years. In return we will give you a lot of advantages, like a speech of one of the founders of the WakaWaka project, personalized WakaWaka’s and a trip together with WakaWaka to a project location!

Another possibility for your organization is to become a Partner of the WakaWaka Foundation! You can become a Golden, Silver, or Bronze Partner, depending on the amount of money you donate. Golden partners are organizations who donate a minimum amount of € 10,000,-. In return they also get, amongst others, a speech of one of the founders of the WakaWaka project. Silver partners donate an amount between € 5,000,- and € 10,000,- and will receive an invitation to a yearly networking activity and will be mentioned on the WakaWaka website and many more great advantages. Bronze partners donate an amount between € 1,000,- and € 5,000,- euros and can amongst others mention their sponsorship on their own website, and take part at annual network meetings.

In our Partner Proposals folder you can read about all the details of the different funding options!