Fundraising party!

The United Music Events Foundation (UMEF) is an foundation that organizes sustainable events and concerts. Their mission is to “make the event scene green”! Last year they also organized a “Groene Helden” party to raise money for a charity. This was a huge success. We are very grateful for their cool initiative! If you have Facebook you can check the line-up here!

We will use the raised money to make children in developing countries become Climate Heroes. They will be educated about climate change and the benefits of sustainability for themselves and for the environment. Currently we are developing Climate Education Kits for semi-literate children. They will be designed specifically for each country; with examples of the environmental problems that the children are facing in their societies. Examples will be given on how the children can take simple actions to make their living styles more sustainable.

These simple actions will increase the financial situation and health conditions of the children and their families. Their financial situation will for example increase because they will learn ways to cultivate their lands in a more efficient way, so they can grow more (different types of) crops of a better quality. In this way they can sell more and can increase their income. An example of a way to improve their health conditions can be as simple as making them aware of the negative impacts of cooking inside the house. Cooking outside will reduce their exposure to the smoke significantly.

You can read more about our Climate Hero Program here.

The “Groene Helden” is just one example of the many ways in which funds can be raised for our foundation. Are you getting inspired already? What about baking cakes and sell them in your community? Or organizing a sports event for children at a local school? Or why not organize your own concert or party? If you would like to set up your own fundraising activity to raise money for the WakaWaka Foundation, please check our Join page or take a look at our Action Platform!

We hope to see you all at the benefit party on the 11th of October in Club Air! Bring all your friends and we will have great party together!