Stories of Syrian refugees

WakaWaka provided Stichting Vluchteling with 25.000 WakaWaka Lights and Powers. Tineke Ceelen, President of The Dutch Refugee Foundation wrote about seeing WakaWakas in her recent trip to Syrian refugee camps:

“Happy and proud, I see the WakaWaka lights on the roofs of the tents, at the entrance of the tents, and next to the dishes, being charged by the rays of the sun. The rechargeable lights are a huge success. We gave to 2800 families two lamps per family. With these lamps they can recharge ther mobile phones. The refugees are asking for these trendy gadgets, that for them can literally make the difference between light and darkness.”

Thanks to the Buy One, Give One campaign launch of the WakaWaka Power we are able to donate several hundred of Wakawaka Powers to Syrian Refugees.

Unfortunately, the Syrian crisis is worsening by the day. The Guardian published an interesting interactive news item on the 25th of July. It can be seen where the refugees fled to; many went to Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. Quotes and interviews with Syrian refugees can be read.

A male refugee in Turkey states:
“My children and I are happy that we do not hear the sounds of the shells any more and we feel safe enough here. But what really worries me, as well as other refugees in the camp, is how long we would be staying here. Is Syria going to be liberated soon or in a year or more?”

 A female refugee in Turkey says:
“We are very content to be sheltered here, but sometimes the days get very long. All I do is get up, eat, sit around, and go to sleep again.”

You can read all about how you can help Syrian refugees with WakaWakas here